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When you are looking for a great garage door company, Denver Garage Doors can meet your needs. Our skilled and licensed experts have worked on numerous garage door projects. Also, we provide garage door services affordably, quickly and accurately so you can start using your garage door right away.

We have decades of experience in rendering garage door services in Denver, NC, and our technicians are all first-rate. When installing any part of the garage door system, we will help you find the perfect component. Also, we will install it correctly the first time, so your garage door system can start benefiting from it right away.

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Our Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

garage door installation

Garage door installation

Denver Garage Doors is the obvious choice if you are looking for a professional garage door installation service. We have performed a countless number of garage door installations in Denver, NC. In fact, we are operating continuously since back in 2010.

We install all kinds of garage doors - residential and commercial. Thus, don’t hesitate if you need a new steel insulated door or full-view architectural door for your business. We have got you covered.

For cost-effective and reliable garage door installation services, get in touch with our experts. Call us at 704-457-9165 for same-day service.

garage door opener repair

Garage door opener repair

Are you facing difficulty while using your garage door? It can be because of a damaged garage door opener. A garage door opener is an important part of the garage door. Even small damage to the opener can cause a hindrance in the working of the garage door.

Our professionals have expertise in repairing all kinds of garage door openers - belt-driven, chain-driven, or screw-driven garage door openers. We offer same-day service and 24-hour emergency repair services to fix your garage door opener.

We are the one-call solution for all of your garage door opener needs!

garage door opener installation

Garage door opener installation

A garage door opener is a reason behind the seamless operation of your garage door. However, if you are facing difficulty while operating your garage door, it may be due to a broken or cracked garage door opener.

You may not realize how crucial the garage door opener is for the door's working unless it gets damaged. Don’t stress - Denver Garage Doors will help you with the new garage door opener installation.

Our experts take care of safety while installing the garage door opener. Since we train them regularly, we know we don’t have to worry, and you shouldn’t, either.

garage door spring replacement

Garage door springs replacement

The garage door opening system is dependent on the springs. It can either be an extension spring or a torsion spring. When they get damaged, fixing them is not easy as they offset the garage door's weight.

With Denver Garage Doors experts, you can be assured because we will replace your garage door springs correctly. We know that you may not recognize the damage caused to the springs. This is why you should always install high-quality garage door springs, as they will last for a long time. Our technicians are trained in fixing and replacing broken or damaged garage door springs.

garage door panel replacement

Garage door panels replacement

If your garage door is smashed by the car, it may have damaged the door's panels. When the panels are dented, bent, or faded, you will need a professional garage door panel replacement service.

Denver Garage Doors experts are friendly and knowledgeable technicians who have experience dealing with any type of garage door panel. Even if a single garage door panel gets damaged, it will affect the working of the garage door. Denver Garage Doors experts always recommend replacing the damaged panels as soon as possible.

garage door cable repair and replacement

Garage door cable repair and replacement

If you see any loose wire hanging on any side of the garage door, you are in need of garage door cable repair or replacement. If even one cable breaks, it will increase the tension on the other cable and other parts of the garage door.

Without garage door cables, you won’t be able to operate your garage door at all. It is the cables that transfer the energy from the springs to the garage door. Denver Garage Doors offers garage door cable repair and replacement services in Denver, NC. To avail of our best garage door cable replacement services, call on 704-457-9165.

garage door roller replacement

Garage door rollers replacement

A garage door roller is an essentially moving part of the garage door. This wheel system allows the garage door system to open and close smoothly.

However, if your garage door gets jammed or if it opens in a jerky manner, it may be due to a damaged garage door roller. If you face any such situation, you should get in touch with a professional who has experience replacing garage door rollers.

Denver Garage Doors will replace the broken rollers with a new one efficiently. We are trusted by hundreds of homeowners for their garage door roller replacement services.

garage door track repair replacement

Garage door track replacement

Whenever your garage door gets hit by the car, the chances are that it may come off track. In such a situation, you will either need a garage door track repair or replacement. Denver Garage Doors can help you out.

With years of experience repairing and replacing the garage door tracks, we will get the work done quickly. Our company specializes in dealing with all kinds of garage doors off track.

Thus, if your garage door tracks are twisted or damaged, call Denver Garage Doors for professional assistance. Call us now on 704-457-9165 to schedule a visit.

Know About Denver Garage Doors

Denver Garage Doors has been a renowned name since 2010 and continues to do so. When you choose Denver Garage Doors, you benefit from getting same-day service no matter what time you call us.

We offer the residents and businesses of Denver, NC, the best garage door repairs and other services. Our team of expert professionals can quickly and effectively fix all sorts of garage door issues.

We started as a small team, but today we are one of the leading garage door companies in Denver, NC. With the support of our customers, we continue to provide quality garage door services. To learn more about our services, reach out to us at 704-457-9165.

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We are the experts of the industry. We have been working for a decade while other garage door companies are less experienced than us.
We have a transparent pricing system. Other companies include many hidden costs in their estimates while we are against it.
Other garage door contractors will not serve you on weekends or festive days, but we can serve you any day!
We provide all kinds of garage door services, and no other garage door company does it in Denver, NC.
We work for customer satisfaction while other garage door contractors work solely for profits. At Denver Garage Doors, customers are always first.


Ann S.
My garage door was making loud sounds and was operating a bit differently. Since I am not an expert, I was not able to find the reason for such behavior. I came across Denver Garage Doors and shared my problem with their executive. The team of technicians was at my place within 30 minutes. They inspected and evaluated the whole garage door system and found the opener damaged. They said that a garage door opener repair will work. They completed the repairs quickly and my garage door operated smoothly again. Thankyou Denver Garage Doors.
Summer v.
I called Denver Garage Doors when I found my garage door off track. In fact, I previously called many other garage door contractors but no one was readily available like Denver Garage Doors. Also, their estimate was not as high as other garage door companies. The technician was friendly, worked quickly, and got my garage door back on track. Thankyou Denver Garage Doors for acting quickly and giving the track repair services at a competitive price.
Lisa B.
My car was trapped in the garage due to the broken spring. The Denver Garage Door experts rushed to repair my garage door in 20 minutes. They were informative, professional and explained the needed repairs. They installed the new spring and ensured all my questions were answered before they left. I will definitely call Denver Garage Doors again

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Denver Garage Doors offers high-class garage door services to the residents of Denver, NC. We always complete the work correctly the very first time and use only top-quality components for safety and longevity.

Your satisfaction is our priority and our technicians always perform their jobs professionally with the use of the right equipment. Call us at 704-457-9165 for fast, fair and honest garage door solutions.

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