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Garage door cable repair and replacement by Denver Garage Doors

Several parts of a garage door work together to perform the open and close motion. Cables are one such part. They work with springs to extend and lower your garage door.

These cables have one more benefit. When the springs of the door fail, the garage door cable keeps the door functioning to avoid mishaps.

With that said, time and age make garage door cables weak. If you suspect that the garage door cables aren’t functioning properly, get some professional help.

Are you looking for garage door cable repair in Denver, NC? We are here to help! We have been fixing garage doors since 2010. Our experts can replace or repair the cables in no time.

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Denver Garage Doors: Your safety is our concern

Malfunctioning garage door cables make your garage door inoperable. Once the cables snap, the garage door will not shut properly. The cables will become wound around the springs, leading to more complications.

One of the primary reasons for weakened cables is corrosion. Water and salt in the atmosphere make the cables weak. Another reason for failing cables is fraying. When the door is used, the metal constantly rubs against the metal. This causes the metal cables to become weak over time. In a weakened state, these cables can snap at any time.

A malfunctioning garage door is a safety hazard to all. If you’ve been noticing metallic threads around garage door cables, be sure to give us a call.

You can book an appointment with our experts by speaking to our customer care at 704-457-9165. We provide emergency garage door cable repair services all over Denver, NC.

garage door cable replacement denver nc

Trust only reputable garage door cable repair service providers

Whether it is to fix garage door cable off track or to replace cables, Denver Garage Doors is here to help you.

We cater to commercial and residential establishments all over Denver, NC. Our repair and replacement services are tweaked as per your needs. To ensure that replacement is quick, we keep some components at hand.

In case you have a specific brand in mind, we have that covered too. Denver Garage Doors has been in business since 2010. A decade in the business has allowed us to create a network of trusted suppliers.

We do not waste time in acquiring the type of components you need. Once the components arrive at our center, we are quick to respond. Our experts check the elements you need before using them.

Have you been experiencing some problems with garage door cables? Call us right now to book a garage door cable repair service at 704-457-9165.

Garage door cable repair service in Denver, NC

Denver Garage Doors’ garage door cable repair cost is transparent. We speak to you first, then decide on what components to get. Our process does not come with any hidden costs.

Our garage door cable repair and replacement services include:

Broken Cable Repair

Not all broken cables need a replacement. Our technicians inspect the damage and tell you clearly if it can be repaired.
If you call our experts before extensive damage, we will repair the cables. However, repaired cables are not a long-term solution. A repair is a great choice only if you need short-term solutions.

Cable Replacement

Where garage door cable repair is not possible, we will replace the cable for you. Our replacement service is quick and reliable. Our experts make use of the right tools, the correct nuts, and bolts to ensure safety.

Replacing only sections

Denver Garage Doors is prompt and perceptive. Our Denver, NC, team tries to save you some extra bucks whenever possible. Sometimes, you do not need a complete cable replacement. Our experts are quick to judge the situation and tell you if a cable part can be replaced.

Licensed experts

All of our Denver, NC, team members are licensed. Our experts are trained and proficient in their skills. We ensure that you get outstanding services by only working with experts.

To get a free estimate, speak to one of our representatives right now at 704-457-9165.

Choose Denver Garage Doors for same-day garage door cable repair and replacement

Broken or defective cables lead to massive accidents and injuries. Understanding that we provide our services around the clock.

Our Denver, NC, experts are available for repair and replacement at any given time. Prompt to respond, we ensure same-day deliveries with precision.

Denver Garage Doors experts will bring their tools and get to work. Apart from the initial talk to understand your needs, our technicians do not disturb you.

Regardless of the time, we will show up and fix the problem. Our experts are updated with the latest knowledge to serve you better.

We understand that you could need any component at any time. Denver Garage Door has a wide selection of different materials and types.

We provide not only free estimates but also advice to maintain your garage doors. Request a service from our experts by speaking to our customer care today at 704-457-9165.

Denver Garage Doors: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you operate a garage door with a broken cable?

We advise you not to operate a door with a broken cable. If you try to open the door, the tension will be transferred to the other side. Thus, putting the other cable at risk as well. If one of the cables is loose, request a repair service with us.

How to open a garage door with broken cables?

You can disengage the garage door opener and try lifting the door manually. You would need assistance from a person to lift the door. If you find yourself with a broken cable and jammed door, give Denver Garage Doors a call at 704-457-9165. Our experts will quickly repair or replace the broken cables.

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