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Garage door panels add visual and practical elements to your doors. Time and extensive use wear them out. Your garage door may have one or more panels that need replacement.

If your garage door panels are falling to ruination, give us a call. Our expert garage door panels replacement will provide a quick fix. Serving the entire Denver, NC area, we are available to answer your queries.

Say goodbye to damaged, broken, and rotting garage door panels with our replacement services. Get an estimate for replacement panels for garage doors at our customer care number, 704-457-9165.

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Why do you need garage door panels replacement services?

Garage door panels are in constant contact with the environment. Weather conditions gradually damage the exteriors. Furthermore, accidents, such as hitting the panel with your car or kids playing football, lead to more damages.

In multi-paneled garage doors, the lower panel is more prone to damages. The lowest part of your door is in constant contact with the floor. Storms, frost, and rains have an impact on the door. Furthermore, pests, insects, and wildlife cause gradual damage to the panels.

If you see gaps or bends on your garage door panels, give us a call. We will fix it for you. Our professionals provide the quickest replacement services in Denver, NC.

Are you tired of looking at a damaged garage door panel? Get more information by calling our customer care at 704-457-9165.

garage door panel replacement denver nc

Denver Garage Doors delivers skillful garage door panel replacement services

If our experts cannot do not see repairing the garage door panel as a viable option, we replace the door. Although repairing may save you a few bucks, it does not last long.

Replacing the panel completely means that it would be a long-lasting solution. At Denver Garage Doors, we have a step-by-step process of replacing your garage door panel:

Step 1: Checking Availability

When you speak to a representative at 704-457-9165, we ask you about the model and the type of door you have. Before we provide the service, we check the availability of the panels.
If we do not have the panel at hand, we will communicate the same to you. We usually have all models in stock. The models we do not have can be ordered for you. If you need a customized garage door, that’s possible too

Step 2: Number of Panels

Once we begin sourcing the panels for you, we perform an in-person inspection. We check the condition of your garage door. After an inspection, we tell you how many panels you will need to replace.
If the damage is limited to one panel, and the others can be repaired, we will do just that.

Step 3: Removal of the damaged panels

Our experts will remove the damaged panels with care. We try to keep the bolts and hinges. However, if they are stuck, we simply pull them out and replace them. If need be, we take off all the panels and replace the damaged ones.

Step 4: Preparation of Installation

After the damaged panels are removed, we prepare the new ones. In Denver, NC, our team uses the right tools to add the panel successfully and put the door back up.

Step 5: Inspections

The last step of our panel replacement service is a review. After we put the door up, we double-check it. Further, we even ask you to check it once to ensure that work is done per your needs.

To get our professional panel replacement services in Denver, NC, book an appointment at 704-457-9165.

Choose Denver Garage Doors for proficient garage door services

We understand the need for precise and correct panel replacement services. Our experts are qualified to replace any panel.

Whether your garage door is modern or traditional, we have what it takes to make it functional. Serving the entire area of Denver, NC, our professionals answer service requests promptly.

Denver Garage Doors professionals go through extensive training to provide correct services. Furthermore, all members of our service team are licensed professionals.

If you want us to look at your garage door panels, find us at 704-457-9165. You can book an appointment by speaking to one of our representatives.

Denver Garage Doors does not compromise on quality

We bring only quality components to all clients in Denver, NC. Be it your place of work or your house, we ensure that our services are top-notch.

We rely on only reputed suppliers to source our panels and other garage door components. Our experts cross-check the quality before using them. High-grade components are necessary for a stable, well-functioning garage door.

When you choose us, you are sure to find top-quality. Denver Garage Doors goes the extra mile to bring you superior components. We even source components from specific brands if the need arises.

To ensure that all your garage door-related problems are serviced on time, we are available 24*7. You can speak to our customer care at 704-457-9165 to book a service request.

Denver Garage Door: Frequently Asked Question

Do you repair garage door panels?

Our first choice for any panel service is to repair it. When the damage is extensive, we honestly tell you that you’d need replacement. Also, we prefer replacements over repairs as they work longer. Repairs are good for the short term. If a temporary solution is what you’re looking for, repairing a panel is your best option.

Is the garage door panel replacement service expensive?

Truthfully, the cost of replacement depends on the type of material you choose. Panels come in different styles and types. If the material you choose is inexpensive, the cost of the service will go down. Our service charge remains the same, only the cost of the panels fluctuates. If you are on a tight budget, our experts will help you choose an economical option. Call us today at 704-457-9165 to book an appointment.

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If you have any other queries regarding the garage door panels replacement services that Denver Garage Doors offer, you can always call us at 704-457-9165. We are just a call away.